Wreathing The Moon T-Shirt Yours Truly
Aerose Artistry, Airbrush Art By Denise
Denise Thurston, Grand Prairie, Tx
has been airbrushing professionally
since 1991 in the Dallas/ Fort Worth
Metroplex. Among her accomplishments
are many "Best Mural" awards with the
top being the "Best Mural" award for
the "Lowrider Of The Year". Her work
has been seen in feature articles and
as show winners in Lowrider, Lowrider Euro
and Chevy Truckin'. Denise's experience
encompasses many forms of airbrushing.
See Denise's artwork at her website at

Wreathing The Moon Tee

I decided to make myself a shirt this time. Here is how it was painted. This includes how to paint clouds using a torn paper hand held mask as well as freehanding. The man in the wreath was painted freehand after using circle stencils for placement. The vine wreath encircles the night sky giving the illusion of distance and frames the moon and clouds which gives a mystical and magical feel to the painting.
Airbrushes: Paasche VL #3

Media: Createx Airbrush Colors

Surface Media: X-Large Jerzees T-Shirt

Transfer Media: Soft Vine Charcoal

Lighting: Florescent

Opaque Projector: Artograph AG100
Step 1
step 1
Shirt mounted and taped..
Step 2
step 2
The two circle stencils I use for size. I keep a folder full of different size stencils. I use the largest for the outside of the wreath.
Step 3
step 3
I use a smaller size for the center
Step 4
step 4
Largest circle placed and marked with flo. blue
Step 5
step 5
Second circle placed
Step 6
step 6
Second circle marked
Step 7
step 7
Vine charcoal used to sketch in the wreath. A pint can of auto paint is used to place the moon.
Step 8
step 8
I use flo. blu to fill in a little around the wreath and ro make cloud shapes within the wreath. See The Tips below on making cloud shapes.
Step 9
step 9
I use flo. yellow to start coloring in. The flo. yellow gives a glow to certain areas.
Step 10
step 10
A little flo. pink. I spray lightly to not have any thick paint build up
Step 11
step 11
Golden Yellow is used to mark out branches, roots and vines.
Step 12
step 12
Light Green is used to start building up the background.
Step 13
step 13
Forest Green
Step 14
step 14
Light Brown defines the trees and wreath
Step 15
step 15
Dark Brown continues to define
Step 16
step 16
Dark Blue in the Tree leaves
Step 17
step 17
Dark Blue in the clouds
Step 18
step 18
Qpaque White builds up the forms and adds details
Step 19
step 19
Flo. Yellow and Dark Blue again
Step 20
step 20
Golden Yellow
Step 21
step 21
Opaque Black
Step 22
step 22
Opaque White
Step 23
step 23
Golden Yellow, Flo. Pink, Flo. Violet on trees grass and flowers
Step 24
step 24
Flo. Violet
Step 25
step 25
Dark Brown
Step 26
step 26
Forest Green
Step 27
step 27
Pulling off the tape
Step 28
step 28
Fixing border
Step 29
step 29
The all imporant Signature with rose logo

Making Clouds

Tip 1
Tearing a piece of poster board for a cloud stencil.
Tip 2
I keep one side of one half of the poster board with a straight edge to use for a... straight edge.
Tip 3
The straight edge is used to make the horizon line between water and sky in the background
Tip 4
I use flo. blue in the sky
Tip 5
Looking for interesting cloud shapes to fit the background sky.
Tip 6
I use flo. blue to put in the cloud shapes.

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