One piece of advice to keep with you when you click out of this site: "Fools go where Angels fear to tread..." Nooo That's not it... What the heck was I about to type? Oh I know! "If your herd stampeded off a cliff and steered you in the same direction..... would you take that flying leap along with them?
Don't be one of the herd!
Look elsewhere for the elusive needle in a haystack than where all the other moo moos with rings in their nostrils do. You may find the golden needle alot quicker and whole lots better by trying something different and searching in areas that the other moo moos have never thought of, 'cause they are moo moos with rings in their noses and easily led by a tug on a rope.
Once you find the prize needle... stash it away in a place for safe keeping then go jump into that haystack like a bull in a china closet! Go wallow in it! Because you ain't got no more worries about getting stuck."

Many Thanks!

The Airbrush Rose Of Texas