Cope's Reaper Yours Truly
Aerose Artistry, Airbrush Art By Denise
Denise Thurston, Grand Prairie, Tx
has been airbrushing professionally
since 1991 in the Dallas/ Fort Worth
Metroplex. Among her accomplishments
are many "Best Mural" awards with the
top being the "Best Mural" award for
the "Lowrider Of The Year". Her work
has been seen in feature articles and
as show winners in Lowrider, Lowrider Euro
and Chevy Truckin'. Denise's experience
encompasses many forms of airbrushing.
See Denise's artwork at her website at

Cope's Reaper

Cope from the AirbrushTECH message board had made a reaper drawn up by one of his employees and painted by him on a bike he had to do. He told everyone he could try it so of course I did. These are a few photos of how I painted my version of Cope's Reaper on a Jerzees X-Large T-Shirt. The grim reaper with scythe is freehanded using Createx Fabric paints and Paasche VL. This is how to airbrush a grim reaper on a t-shirt.
Airbrushes: Paasche VL #3

Media: Createx Airbrush Colors

Surface Media: X-Large Jerzees T-Shirt

Transfer Media: Soft Vine Charcoal

Lighting: Florescent

Original Sketch: By Cope Copeland and employess

Opaque Projector: Artograph AG100
Step 1
reaper step 1
I have used a soft vine charcoal to sketch out the grim reaper with scythe design from a print I have made of the reaper Cope posted. I begin airbrushing in the color usinf Createx Florescent Yellow. I build up the yellow bases with Createx Golden Yellow.
Step 2
reaper step 2
I continue to build up my colors. I use Createx Florescent Blue to paick out my details. I use Createx Carribean Blue to continue building upon those details. I change to Createx Opaque White and fill in the details of the lightest areas such as the folds in the robe. I also build up the flames. the
Step 3
reaper step 3
I use Createx Transparent Orange to build the skeleton and shadow the robes.
Step 4
reaper step 4
I use Createx Florescent Violet to enrich the color of the reaper and to build shadowing. I use Createx Red Oxide Pure Pigments mixed with Extender also to begin building up the color in the scythe and increase the play of color and light on the subjects. I use Light brown to build up the wood color.
Step 5
reaper step 5
I use light layering of Createx Transparents Phthalo Blue and Dark Blue to build up the blue in the design. I use Createx Transparent Dark Brown to build up the color of the reaper skeleton, scythe and the shadowing. I use Createx Beige to increase and level the color of the skin skeleton and scythe.
Step 6
reaper step 6
I mix a Navy Blue Color of Createx Opaque Black and Dark Blue to use in the reaper's robes. I use Createx Transparent Violet to deepen and enrich the color of the robe.
Step 7
reaper step 7
I use Createx Opaque Black to increase the darkness of certain deep shadow areas and for adding ambience. I finsh off with highlights of Createx Opaque White

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