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The Puppet
Airbrush Art By Denise's
Advancing Individualism
A Novelette In The Key Of Me

There comes a time when we instinctively move
forward to broaden our horizons. Some may say we are
starting to "think outside the box", "Beginning a "new career" or
"new hobby" and applaud us for it. Others might comment about "finally getting smart and doing what we should have done long ago" then stand
back and watch us as we struggle along. Whether expanding through natural growth and experience to delve into other areas or beginning anew or over again, it is a new challenge to meet head on though our hands and knees
may shake and our confidence wanes. We can count ourselves blessed to
have true friends who will speak honestly, who will be there while
our heads touch the stars, to hold our feet firmly to the ground...
or to hold out a hand if our faces fall upon it.
There are others who contradict our ideas wholeheartedly
and spit forth their own scalding criticisms of the poor, ignorant,
ametuerish attempts that were labored over while our blood, sweat
and tears ran down our faces in supreme effort to create...
what we desired to create.
All with the good intentions of directing our way into their
superbly enlightened and sophisticated mindset. Sporting the idea, albeit
unconciously, that through opening our eyes to our monumentally horrendous
mistakes (comprising a minimum of 90% of our total output) that in sharing their infinite wisdom, (through carefully but liberally applied more valuable than gold opinion), that we shall remake ourselves into glorious clones,
robotic appendages imprisoned by wire, programmed with the leftover zeros
and ones of our prison guards, stringed puppets supplied with a fragmentary
bit of borrowed brain incapable of obtaining what we truly desire.
God help us (if) WE ourselves ARE OUR OWN PUPPETMAKERS...
Whatever name that poorly describes the progression into learning,
the struggle within ourselves for advancement into creativity, adventures into mediums hitherto unknown and altogether frightfully confusing, it is still
the concept of our personalization and our personal fulfillment. The attempt
to produce something out of nothing through our ideas...
out of ourselves.
The "New" to us, more different than we have ever done before.
Even though the process and procedure has been done hundreds of
thousands of times by others before us, better than we could ever hope
to reproduce, by others more knowledgeable, more highly educated, much further advanced through hands on experience and practice, that has
produced the amazing wizardry and sparkle which entices us to try! to
create our own wizardry and sparkle! that reflects our own personalities!
our own talents! that moves us! that inspires us! that opens our minds
and our hearts to use our own individualistic and precious talents!
The cutting edge advancements of today,
The unique that no one else can do,
The old and outdated ways,
is still new
has not been done
by you
by me.