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Brought into existence by love 1991.
Denise Thurston-Newton
Owner And Artist

I believe in destiny
  Creative and artistic during childhood, Denise's desire has always been to be an artist. Her desire led to an extensive background and education in Art. Denise is a self taught airbrush artist who prefers to freehand most of her designs which keeps her imaginative and humorous art consistently fresh, original, colorful and highly detailed.
  Denise began sketching portraiture and landscapes at the age of eleven. She sold her first piece, a landscape, in the eighth grade at age 12. Denise took every art class offered in Jackson Jr. High (Middle) School and South Grand Prairie High School. During Denise's Junior year She had 4 hours of art classes per day and traveled across town daily to attend DEKA Commercial Art class at Grand Prairie High School where she was elected Vice-President of her class. Denise became a pastel portrait artist at Six Flags Over Texas at the age of 16 while in her senior year at SGPHS.
  Denise saw her first airbrush in use at an advertising agency during a class field trip the same year which began her interest in airbrushing. Denise acquired her first airbrush, a Paasche VL in 1984. She began airbrushing on fabrics in 1989 and automotive art in 1992. Denise's Automotive Murals, beginning with her second hood mural have won many "Best Mural" Awards and have been featured in Chevy Truckin', Lowrider and Lowrider Euro Magazines.   She has illustrated one book "The Bachelor Father's Guide To Parenting" by Tom Hoerner. Denise was a floral designer for 12 years which overlapped her beginnings in Airbrushing and Custom Painting.
  Highly Creative, Denise is adept in other media arts and crafts as well as airbrushing. Pencil and Charcoal Sketching, Pen And Ink, Pastels, Oils, Acryilics on Canvas, Tempera, Watercolors, Window Art, Woodworking, Sewing and Pattern Making, Quilting, Needlecraft, and Floral Design... you name it, Denise has probably done it.   Denise's fun Art is Crayon Art on restaurant children's menus.

Raspberry Velvet Forever...
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  Denise uses Createx and Aqua Flow acrylics formulated for the airbrush with her Paasche VLs. She uses Liquitex and Grumbacher fine art acrylics for airbrush and brush work. Denise uses Sherwin Williams Ultra7000 toners and products for her automotive murals with her Iwatas, HP-Cs and Eclipse series airbrushes and Geo HVLP spray guns.

"You only have boundaries you make yourself or allow others to make for you. With an imagination, determination, muleheaded stubborness, and lots of love, all is possible."

I had found it difficult to write this bio in the third party. Therefore I wrote this part of the "About Us" for my old website as if I were writing to you, all the lovers and dreamers, personally which I am, in a way.

Airbrush Art By Denise became a reality for me in 1991.
It was my dream come true.

I remember wanting to be an artist at a very early age. My mother is always telling stories of how detailed and humorous my writing and art assignments would be during my days at Ben Milam Elementary School. I began sketching portraiture and "realistic" art at the age of eleven. I attended every art class offered in Jackson Junior High and South Grand Prairie High School with my Junior year having 4 hours of art classes per day. I was Vice President of DEKA Commercial Art 76'-77'. I attended Grand Prairie's two rival high schools, South Grand Prairie and Grand Prairie High to be able to take the Commercial Art classes It was difficult being a Warrior in Gopherland.
In my senior year of high school, at the age of 16, I began working as a pastel portrait artist for The Balloon Man Ent., a company within the Six Flags Over Texas Theme Park in Arlington, Tx.
During that same year, I saw the first airbrush being used in an adverstising agency on a school outing in Commercial Art Class. I fell in love at first sight and continued from that time to want one of those nifty little contraptions. I bought my first airbrush, a Paasche VL which I still use and Radu Vera's Airbrush: the Complete Studio Handbook in 1984. I played with it... I read it. It didn't do what I wanted it to so I gave it a break.
I began working as a floral designer in 1985. My mother, Ruby Sessums Kinsey, gave me the chance to "express myself" in our family florist we opened in 1987 for which I will always be grateful to her for. She has always understood the need her goofball, off the wall daughter had to create having been creative herself.
It was during one of my floral buying trips to San Lorenzo's Of Dallas when I found Deka Fabric Paint being stocked and I bought every color they had. I bought two sweat shirts for my 2 children, Aubrey and Damian, and then spent 4 hours each painting them freehand not really knowing what to do and how to do it. I was surprised at what I could do.
I felt like I didn't have the knowledge or experience to be airbrushing anything especially vehicles. I found a continuing education airbrush class at Mountainview. It was our third project of the course, which was anything we choose to do that I airbrushed a portrait of my son. Leroy Roper, the instructor. told me I didn't need to be in class... I needed to be working as an airbrush artist.... I didn't believe him.
It was in 1991 that I sold my first airbrushed artwork. I airbrushed out of our florist shop. We did a big business with the schools in the area. I began airbrushing school and team designs along with custom and standard novelty designs.
In 1991 I began working at H.L. Green's in downtown Dallas for Mark Mathis. A wonderful airbrush artist who had the booth in Dallas and one in Traders Village which I also helped him with. I learned alot of basics from Mark. I owe it to him for tricking me into working alone as an airbrush artist in public.
While I was airbrushing in Dallas, in 1993, I heard about Airbrush Action from one of the people who would stop and talk to me about art and airbrushing. Not finding the magazine anywhere in stores, I eventually had to go to the Dallas Public Library to find the magazine to get the address to purchase a subscription. I had finally found the airbrushing world. It was full of airbrush artists and supply companies. I was in airbrush heaven.
It was in 1994-95 that I hit the big time in Grand Prairie with the sports and youth football teams. The high schools kids went crazy over the North/South designs I was airbrushing. One of the best compliments of my life came from a friend from elementary school days who told me that the annual North/South football game wasn't "Beat North" till I made it "Beat North".
At the same time I began painting vehicles. It was my third mural on a truck hood that I won many "Best Mural" awards for including Von Otto's Best Mural award. My second hood mural also won many. Both of these became part of feature articles in Chevy Truckin', Lowrider and Lowrider Euro Magazines. I have had many of the vehicles I have airbrushed in Lowrider Magazine. It was a wonderful feeling to go to the store each month and pick up an issue of Lowrider and to see one of the vehicles that I had airbrushed in the show winners.
I worked for Sherwin Williams Automotive Fleet Division as a color matcher and formulator in their color lab and learned a great deal about automotive coatings and about color which enhanced the knowledge I had already gained through my experience with airbrushing.
I have had my family as my inspiration. To lose them or their love and respect would truly prove to be devastating in the extreme.
I have had experience with many art mediums, many art forms but Airbrushing will always be the medium of choice.
Airbrushing is and will always remain the one true love of my life.

Personal Note to the Reader

I have included in my website artworks from my past that you will find in the Ancient History Gallery. The Gallery includes my first airbrush painting, sketches from my teen years that I still have and show when I speak to the aspiring artists from the schools in the Grand Prairie area.

It is my hope it will also be inspiring for whoever reads my about Me page and views my Ancient Art.

I sincerely wish those new to airbrushing the best in their endeavor. I also hope everybody likes my website. It is the third in my ensevours to create the perfect website for my artwork. I've had a blast making it and have shed many tears while banging my head against the monitor for a... very very very very very long time trying to learn web design and HTML. I wonder how it will continue to evolve....

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